Daily Archives: August 3, 2011

Kalahari Green and Red

i-4b3767c0dfcec976f84cb124e1252933-sands.jpgI have a childhood memory of a troop of baboons, waiting among nearby rocks on a sun baked kopje, taking notice of nearby humans and watching and waiting until they saw a weakness and finally moving in for the kill, barking, grabbing, ripping livid flesh with long sharp canines, howling like wolves. And for the longest time I thought that memory was a scene from a movie called Flight of the Phoenix. But it turns out it was a scene from a movie that showed up on my doorstep this morning. And some time between that childhood memory forming and the DVD’s delivery I actually went to the southwestern desert of Africa, straddling the border of Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, and the baboons did indeed have their way with me. But it wasn’t as bad as it was in the movie; In fact it was a rather fun adventure.
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