Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

Things for me to do, for you to do

This is going to be a busy week. I’ve got three shelves to build (shelve = complex of shelves, not shelf); This must be done in a hailstorm of loud karaoke singing, interrupted only by actual hail storms, because, well, I live in Coon Rapids and that’s how it is; Amanda will be away all week so I will be a single parent for a while. That’s good because Huxley and I need the bonding time, but it will cut into my other activities a bit; There is preparation for the upcoming CONvergence (yes, Stephanie, I’ll get you those links very soon!); And then there is the Global Water Dancing event coming up for which I may be doing some significant non-dancing related helping.

Speaking of CONvergence, have a look at this video, which is Rebecca Watson making her big come back after a period of few or no videos.

Also, please have a look a this important blog post on software patents. (The whole blog is important, but this post is suddenly getting a lot of attention.):

Patents and copyright

The issue of software patents is difficult for most people to understand. It sometimes gets confused with copyright. So let me explain the difference between them, and why you should care about patents.

Michele Bachmann for President II

As you know, our own Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann is officially running for president. I wonder what it would be like to have the President of the United States of America, like when she goes home to visit her family for Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July or whatever, and all these limos and choppers are driving all over the place in Stillwater! Maybe they better upgrade that liftbridge after all!

Anyway, in celebration of having one of our own ready, willing and on the way to possibly becoming the Leader of the Free World and all, I’m reposting a selection of the well over 100 items already posted on this blog about Michele Bachmann. Here’s the second installment:

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