Daily Archives: June 12, 2011

Netflix Breaks Self, Annoys Everyone

Even though some time back Netflix fixed their interface exactly as I wanted them to do it, and within hours after I asked them to (see this), they have now developed a new web interface to their site that many people appear to hate. I tend to agree with the haters.

What I found is that when I view it with Google Chrome the site breaks in about a half second and I can’t see a thing. Then, when it comes back it looks much like their on-Roku inteface, which is OK, but requires mouse movements that I find unnatural and annoying. And, mostly, impossible to use. At this point, it would almost be easier to re-up with Blockbuster and physically go there to see and rent the movies. It would take less time to do that than to navigate through this new Netflix interface.

My new wishlist for Netflix interface: 1) A CLI and 2)