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For the price of a cup of coffee, you could send this skeptic to a conference…

Surly Amy has been (successfully) raising money to help defray conference costs for women interested in attending The Amazing Meeting. Moments ago, Emma Cating, Megan Wells, and Amy Peters, who has applied among many others to obtain this funding, were awarded the first Surly Women Thinking Free TAM Grants.

There are more women in need of funding and I know you can help. Please visit this blog post to find out how.

An interesting conversation in the offing

Did I use ‘offing’ correctly? Strange word.

Anyway, Mike Haubrich has pulled off another coup at Atheist Talk Radio. He has arranged for a conversation to happen, live, between Desiree Schell and yours truly. This will be in early June (details forthcoming). We’ll be talking about multiple strategies for effecting change, especially with reference to things like skeptical (in a good way) thinking, science, and so on.

This is very timely because we are quickly approaching SkepchiCON (click here to donate), at which this will be one of the topics discussed in the track organized by the Skepchicks. In fact, Desiree is one of the participants in that track this year, as is PZ Myers, a bunch of other people, and me. Watch this spot for more details on that as well.

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