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There is a change in the blogosphere …

… well, at least for me.

i-1d99b33e747bc83dea3a2284c0d24936-greg_in_paris.jpgStarting this week, I will become a “Beat Blogger” at 10,000 Birds. I am not sure what a Beat Blogger is, but I think it’s a real happening with bongo drums and highly esoteric poetry. I’ll be scribing one bird-related post every four weeks, on a Thursday. Go have a look at 10,000 Birds. It’s, like, totally loaded with blog posts written by the other hip Beat Bloggers, and they all seem to be about … really hip birds.

10,000 Birds is run by Mike Bergin (who started it all) and Corey Finger. They operate their groovy birdwatching syndicate from New York, with Mike out in Rochester and Corey down low in The City, but originally from Saugerties, not far from my first crib (and, by the way, where I dug some archaeology back in the day). Mike also started and helps run Nature Blog Network. Totally cool.

I’m like out of sight that my fellow HIPs asked me to blog at 10,000 Birds. I’ll let you know when my first post is strobing.

And now, for a little bird jazzzzzz….
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Does Titan Have a Subsurface Ocean?

The abstract for a recent paper on Titan says:

…We propose a new Cassini state model for Titan in which we assume the presence of a liquid water ocean beneath an ice shell and consider the gravitational and pressure torques arising between the different layers of the satellite….

Titan’s orbit, recently measured to a high degree of accuracy, looks more like an object with an ocean sloshing around than like a solid object. The story is expanded on in this blog post.

Reports of the National Center for Science Education …

… is now on line.

Plus Mike Klymkowsky reviews Matt Young and Paul K. Strode’s Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails); Joel W. Martin reviews Francisco Ayala’s Am I a Monkey?; David A. Reid reviews Randy Moore, Mark Decker, and Sehoya Cotner’s Chronology of the Evolution-Creationism Controversy; Robert H. Rothman reviews Allene S. Phy-Olsen’s Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design; Stephen P. Weldon reviews Mano Singham’s God vs. Darwin; and Matt Young reviews Joel W. Martin’s The Prism and the Rainbow.

Check it out.

Bill filed to repeal Louisiana’s antievolution law

Senate Bill 70 (PDF), prefiled in the Louisiana Senate on April 15, 2011, and provisionally referred to the Senate Committee on Education, would, if enacted, repeal Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:285.1, which implemented the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act, passed and enacted in 2008. SB 70 was introduced by Karen Carter Peterson (D-District 5), but the driving force behind the repeal effort is Baton Rouge high school senior Zack Kopplin, working with the Louisiana Coalition for Science. The repeal effort is endorsed by the National Association of Biology Teachers and the Louisiana Association of Biology Educators.

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