Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

And now we start with the tornadoes. Are you ready?

Huxley and I went to Target to look at weather radios and found out that they don’t carry them. But the three Target employees that were gathered near the cameras and electronics with whom we inquired were interested to know why we were looking for one.

“You’re about the tenth person today who has asked about weather radios. What gives?”

Apparently they missed Minnesota’s National Tornado Appreciation Week, which was yesterday1. And, they had missed the news that we were expecting a bad year for tornadoes.
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Read The Kraken!!!!!!

i-a92fe6a17d46ac86fc1396e8f4f379a9-kraken_cover.jpgKraken: The Curious, Exciting, and Slightly Disturbing Science of Squid by Wendy Williams is a new book on the science of squid.

I wondered at first why a popular science book would be named after a legendary creature (the Kraken) but when I read the book and also read up on The Kraken it became clear that the legend is the squid only barely disguised as myth.

Well, not all Kraken are real ….

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