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Japan quake, tsunami, nuke news 08

Ana’s Feed starting just after midnight 24 March:

“…estimates that 57,000 pounds of salt have accumulated in Reactor No. 1 and 99,000 pounds apiece in Reactors No. 2 and 3, which are larger.” (Editor’s note: This is what I had independently calculated, so it looks right to me)

Ban Ki-moon and IAEA and various governments are going to talk about ways to keep nuclear power safe. (NHK broadcast)

NHK is quoting the recent US poll that shows a decline in public opinion about nuclear power, adding “this means the American people are seriously responding to this situation in Japan.” (NHK)

Work at reactor no.3 has been suspended due to injury – 2 workers were exposed to ~170mSv, developed skin lesions on their feet and have been sent to hospital. (NHK)

The Tokyo metropolitan government is distributing mineral water to families with infants. (NHK)

“The challenges of radiological contamination have made this operation particularly difficult. It has required us to constantly watch the direction of the wind, to be mindful of where our forces are in relation to the Fukushima power plant. It has required us to monitor and decontaminate our aircraft, ships and even our people…”

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