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Debating Nuclear Power

A Defense of Nuclear Power As a Second Best Option

In light of the nuclear power plant partial meltdowns in Japan, there are calls for not expanding the U.S. nuclear power plant capacity, and even shutting down existing plants. What bothers me about this is that there is no discussion of how we make up the energy production shortfall…

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The Fukushima legacy

At one end of the hyperbole scale we have Helen “If you love this planet” Caldicott, who raises the specter of “cancer and genetic diseases” if things get any worse at the growing list of nuclear power reactors crippled or destroyed by last week’s earthquake in Japan. At the other we have Republican congressman Mitch McConnell, who argues that we shouldn’t abandon nuclear power, especially “right after a major environmental catastrophe.”

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If global warming means major shifts in habitat, a need to rework our agricultural system, serious problems for insular parks (and all parks ar insular) and that sort of thing, I’m not very happy with Nuclear at all. If global warming means that by the time Huxley is 30 he will suffocate along the rest of the mammals on the planet because of ocean acidification, I’ll look at nuclear. But I agree with James that the real comparison should not be between Nukes and Coal, but rahter, Nukes and renewable.

Second explosion at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

A second hydrogen explosion rocked a crippled Japanese nuclear reactor Monday, spewing a giant cloud of smoke into the air and injuring 11 workers, officials said.

The blast was so large it could be felt 25 miles away.

The plant’s operator, however, insisted that radiation levels around the facility remained within legal limits.



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