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If you do something wrong, you should be fired or killed.

If you do something wrong, you should be fired or killed. Whether you should be fired or killed has nothing to do with what you did, but rather, the context in which you did it. If you do something wrong in the presence of a legal gun owner with a Conceal Carry permit and a loaded weapon, you simply need to die. If, on the other hand, you have a job and do something wrong, the only possible outcome is your being fired, no matter what it was you did. If the thing you do wrong happens in a context in which you have a job AND are in the presence of a gun-holding conceal-carry permitted person, then you should be fired, then shot.

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Stupidity Abounds

And I have proof:

The Idaho Press Tribune has an abysmally stupid editorial for you to read and discuss. Do you know what “Tribune” means. Clearly, they don’t at the Idaho Press Tribune.

Why is there so much hype about finding “life-friendly planets” (Page A7, Feb. 3)? Because evolutionists want support for their theory. If life evolved here, it surely evolved elsewhere in the millions and billions of years of the universe’s existence.

Not only does scientific evidence abound showing there must be an intelligent creator of everything, but our solar system cannot be billions of years old. Here are a few samples without detail.. bla bla bla.

Is it worth your trouble to log on and add a comment? Yes, of course it is! That would be at least as effective as poll crashing.

Meanwhile, Mississippi is seriously considering issuing license plates to honor Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. He is famous for his massacre of unarmed black soldiers during the Civil War, and for having a very significant role in forming the KKK after the war. He is worthy, very worthy indeed. But not of the honor of being screwed to the bumper of a car. He is worthy, rather, of resounding vilification. The people of Mississippi are obviously morons. You can read about this astonishing turn of events here.

Meanwhile, here in Minnesota we have Republican freshman legislator Scott Newman. He needs to go to prison, plain and simple. After his election he refused to meet with constituents who supported his opponent, and stated in writing that he had no intention of speaking with or supporting anyone who did not donate to his campaign or otherwise support him. As far as I know, that’s conspiracy and extortoin. The legislature is considering taking action on the grounds of ethics violations, and Imma let them have fun with that, but this is clearly a legal issue and must be investigated by our friendly local federal attorney. He claims, of course, that it was all a dumb mistake and he never meant to do anything inappropriate. He claims an inexperienced legislative assistant crafted and implemented the policy. Details are everywhere.