Daily Archives: January 16, 2011

Firefox 4 Beta 9 bodes well sucks

Firefox Four is nearing readiness for your use. There are a massive 661 bug fixes, a number people are very excited about, but you’ve got to ask: How do you get that many unfixed bugs to begin with??? One of the features I’m looking forward is tabs in the title bar. I’m tired of giving up vertical screen real estate to the title bar, a few tool bars, a menu bar, a tab bar, and then within the web site, a banner add, a fancy decorative banner I don’t need to see, etc. etc. When I look at my own blog on my lap top, I have to scroll down to see the title of the post! Tabs in the otherwise useless title bar will be nice start.

It is said by those who have tested it that Firefox 4 will start up very quickly and run very snappily.

Unless you use Linux. Check out this and links therein. Blaming the victim. There is nothing wrong with X in Linux. It’s the oldest most stable GUI’s in use. Linux desktop effects and bells and whistles are copied by other OS’s. This is Firefox not caring about Linux or the Open Source community. Time to switch browsers.