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Natural History

My first bird of 2011 was a crow, so I’ll move right along to my second bird which was a hawk, presumably a red tail. That does not count birds I could hear but not see. Register your first bird here at 104Birds.

Is there a sustainable aquaculture? Maybe. It might involve Vietnamese catfish.

Check out these excellent photographs of Angry Birds. Not the video game, the actual birds. Angry.

Holy crap jesus christ on a stick, look at this:

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Social Networking is a wonderful new technology that will unleash human potential

But that isn’t always how it goes.

On today’s radio show, Steve Borsch was talking about the way in which social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is playing out — as an extension of social interaction more than as a new form of shopping mall or marketing environment — and an observation I made a couple of weeks ago during the Vikings game congealed like mucus in the back of your throat when you are getting over a cold (See Pandemonium Looms in Minneapolis). So, since I have a blog, I thought I’d hack it up for you.
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Wikileaks Hackers Bring Down Zimbabwe Websites

Hacktivists have struck a blow against the regime in Zimbabwe by attacking a number of government websites. The cyber-assault appears to have been in support of newspapers who published secret cables in the ongoing WikiLeaks saga, to the annoyance of the-powers-that-be in the country.

Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, was recently reported to be suing a newspaper for $15 million after it published a WikiLeaks cable that claimed she has benefited from illegal diamond trading.

As news spread amongst the loosely-knit group of Anonymous hackers who support WikiLeaks, websites belonging to the Zimbabwe government and Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party were hit by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and, in the case of the Finance Ministry, defacements.

Source, and a picture of the hacked site, here.

It just works.

Except when it does not work.

A glitch on Apple’s iPhone has stopped its built-in alarm clock going off, leaving many people oversleeping on the first two days of the New Year.

Angry bloggers and tweeters complained that they had been late for work, and were risking missing planes and trains.

Bloggers late for work? LOL.

Apple is not revealing why this happened but claims they will have it fixed by January 3rd. So, tonight, if you use your iPhone as your alarm clock, just go to sleep knowing you’ll be awakened in the morning exactly as you wish. Because, you know, it’s an Apple product, so it will work. It will. I mean, you do trust them, right?

I mean it isn’t like this has ever happened before or will happen again.

A similar problem hit the iPhone alarm when the clocks went back in November, again causing many users to be late for work or for transport arrangements.

Huh? Who said that? Oh, the BBC. OK, so this HA happened again. In fact, it seems to happen at every opportunity.

Well, whatever. You have no business relying on your iPhone to wak you up or tell you the time. It’s a phone, dammit. Use it like one.

I tried to you my iTouch as a timer when cooking something last summer but it shut down during the process (there was plenty of battery juice, it just shuts down). I assumed thereafter that alarm clocks on such a device would not work properly, and have not even considered trying it. Good for me.

Meanwhile, if you use Microsoft Hotmail, you should check to see if your emails were wiped out by accident. Oooops. Oh, you were relying on Microsoft to keep your stuff secure? Not smart.

Adobe is no better.

But don’ worry, Linux is here to save you. Samsung is coming out with a serious iPod competitor based on Linux. Of course, you can’t completely trust Android either, what with their problems with text messages.

Science and Reason 2011: Future Watch

Atheists Talk, #98, January 2, 2011

As 2010 rolls out, we all hope the future is bright for 2011. Along with hope, there’s always hype. Bringing us a reality check from their areas of expertise are these savvy thinkers:

Greg Laden, bio anthropologist and bogger for Scienceblogs.com, will give his top ten list of science stories for 2010, with commentary on the new field of paleogenomics

Maggie Koerth-Baker, science journalist and writer for BoingBoing.net, will talk about the Future of Energy in the US

Steve Borsch, media trend expert at Connecting the Dots, has insights for a year of accelerating change

Will Steeger, WillSteeger.com, arctic explorer and eyewitness to the on-going catastrophic consequences of global climate change will tell us the latest observations

Interviewer Lynn Fellman, FellmanStudio.com, is an artist communicating science through art, and a frequent science interviewer on “Atheist Talk”.

Host Brent Michael Davids, FilmComposer.us, is an award winning composer and creator of the music for the “Atheist Talk”.

Listen to AM 950 KTNF on Sunday at 9 a.m. Central to hear Atheists Talk, produced by Minnesota Atheists. Stream live online. Call in to the studio 952-946-6205, or send an e-mail to radio@mnatheists.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it during the live show.

This is the radio station info:
http://www.am950ktnf.com/listen and to stream live use a Minnesota zip code.