Daily Archives: December 28, 2010

The beginning of the end of whatshername

Sarah Palin has accidentally revealed her own 500 dollar haircut, her own Chappaquiddick, her own Monica Lewinsky. On a recent trip to Canada, during a speech, she revealed the fact that when she lived in rural Alaska as a child, her family regularly slipped across the Canadian border to avail themselves of the Canadian Healthcare System.

Yes, folks, Sarah Palin was an illegal in Canada, as I assume the health care system there is for Canadians, not Unitedstateseans. And, yes, folks, Palin’s people are socialist commies who engage in socialist commie Obamacare Canadian style then lie about it later.

This comes as Palin’s approval ratings in Alaska have plummeted. Moreover, various documents (mainly official emails) from Palin’s ill-fated Alaskan governorship, which were supposed to be released a long time ago, are being kept in hiding. Why? Because there are things there they don’t want us to see, I assume.

The Canadian health care story is here. The latest poll results are here. The story about the emails is here. Enjoy.

The Top Ten Science Stories of 2010

The first thing you need to know about my list of the top ten science stories of the year is this: There are not ten. Well, as I write this, I’ve not settled what’s on the list and what’s not, so maybe there will be ten. Or six. Or one hundred and eleven. In any event, it will likely only be ten if you express the number in Basen where n is the number of stories.

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