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Final Vote: Biology textbooks approved in Louisiana

At its December 9, 2010, meeting, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted 8-2 to approve high school biology textbooks, despite the ongoing complaints of creationists objecting to their treatment of evolution. As NCSE previously reported, a decision on the textbooks, expected initially in October 2010, was deferred by the board, which sought a recommendation from its Textbook/Media/Library Advisory Council. On November 12, 2010, the council voted 8-4 to recommend the textbooks. Then, on December 7, 2010, a committee of the board voted 6-1 to move forward with the purchase, “over the objection of a crowd of people who wanted books that at least mention creationism or intelligent design or say that evolution is not a fact,” according to the Lafayette Daily Advertiser (December 7, 2010).

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Two items for your To Do list

Now that Mythbusters is on Roku and Netflix via various venues, I’ve been watching it. Previously I’ve only seen a few. They’re pretty good. And now, President Obama will be on Mythbusters: “The Discovery Channel has announced that the Commander-in-Chief will be doing a cameo on “Mythbusters” tonight. He’ll be asking hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to redo one of their projects.” *

Meanwhile, with the holidays fast approaching, you may need to find a good therapist. Lemondrop has a post on that.

NASA claims to have observed mitosis on Mars!!!!

Here’s a picture:


Well, ok, actually, they didn’t exactly say this in their press release, but they didn’t not say it, neither, so shame on them!!! They put this picture that they KNOW imma think is mitosis and FAILED to say it wassn! FAIL I say!

But seriously, folks, the real news and as far as I know this is total, NASA-loving news-pimping hype of the kind all us science lovers love, is this: “By the middle of next week, NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter will have worked longer at Mars than any other spacecraft in history.”1

The rest of the press release is here. Even if you don’t want to read it, go check out the pictures (click on the top picture and it will change to a different one). The cream of the crop, including a Martian Happyface wearing a dunce cap. No, really!
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Julian Assange discusses the embassy cables in July

This is interesting. Well, the whole conversation is interesting, but it gets especially interesting around 6 minutes …

Question: … there’s this US Intelligence Analyst Bradley Manning arrested and it’s alleged that he confessed in in a chatroom to have leaked …. 280 thousand classified us embassy cables. Did he?

Answer: Well, we have denied receiving those cables. He has been charged, five days ago, with obtaining 150k cables and releasing 50. We have released early in the year a cable from the Reykjavik us embassy but not necessarily connected…

What is really interesting about this has little to do with Assange, Wikileaks or the cables, but rather, Human Nature. Obviously, WikiLeaks has the cables if not in hand at least in the bush at that moment, and Assange is essentially lying, or perhaps, telling the kind of white lie that a diplomat might tell on the surface while something somewhat different is going on underneath (and in teh cabalz!!!). And, as a human not trained by MI-5 to have ice in his veins when telling a lie, he spews …. SPEWS!!!! … the “tells.”

So, really, it’s more like:

Answer: glance to the side, swallow hard Well, we have denied receiving those cables. wiggle shoulder He has been charged lilting rise of voice, five days ago, avoid eye contact with obtaining twitch 150k cables and releasing 50 hard swallow. We have released cough cough early in the year um a cable from the grimace Reykjavik us embassy but not necessarily connected…bla bla bla


In any event, given the current impact that Wikileaks seems to be having, this older Ted talk which I have obtained from a source is worth a look: