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Tea Party Shows its First Sign of Weakness

The first order of business of the lame duck House of Representatives was to pass a resolution (as far as I know resolutions have no meaning) to oppose through federal legislation (which only has meaning if it is written, passed, signed into law, etc.) to ‘address’ (ban? regulate? tax? allow under only certain conditions?) the interstate sale and distribution of videos showing small animals being slowly crushed to death by women, using their bare feet or high heeled shoes.

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California Science Center Strikes Back against Discovery Institute/AFA Conspiracy

Last year, the American Freedom Alliance, a California based Don’t Think Tank, attempted to insert, Trojan style,* a creationist film called Darwin’s Dilemma into the repertoire of films shown at the California Science Center.

The film is a pro-Intelligent Design film, and behind this insulting and immature ruse was, you guessed it, the Discovery Institute.

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Ray Comfort Caves to Islamic Terrorists (but the joke’s on him)

In a recent blog post, Krazy Kristian Guy Ray Comfort (the “Banana man”) notes that atheists are planning a billboard campaign that will point out the barbaric nature of passages from the Christian and Muslim texts. He goes on to note that anyone who offends Islam is likely to get their heads cut off, and he tastelessly uses a photograph of a living, smiling Daniel Pearl (who was beheaded by his terrorist captives in 2002) to make his point.

Comfort goes on to say that Atheists may be captured by people of Islamic faith and beheaded, and that would be bad for the Atheists. Therefore, he pleads, the Atheists should only mock Christians, because Christians “genuinely love (Atheists) and … can take it with grace.”

Comfort is of course out of line making these claims, and more importantly, making fun of these activities. Using terrorist activities as the basis of a joke is obnoxious and hurtful to their victims, and making absurd and senseless, offensive claims about what organized Atheists will do with their first amendment rights is offensive. Claiming that he and all others of his ilk love Atheists is either a cynical and hypocritical lie or an unnecessary over the top joke.

All of which, however, pales in relationship to the racist comment he hid clumsily within his blog, which, if his own description of people of the Islamic faith is half correct, will lead to his, Ray Comfort’s, horrible death through beheading or possibly stoning.

Comfort uses the spelling “Moslem” instead of Muslim.

In Arabic, Muslim means “one who give himself to God.” In Arabic, Moslem means “one who is evil and unjust.” For this reason, the Society of Editors recommends using “Muslim” instead of “Moslem.” Muslims will want to engage in a fatwa against Ray Comfort, assuming his own logic is correct. He is doomed.

I wonder if they film it. The beheading. And what will they do with his head? Maybe it can go here. Or, better yet, here!

Is Ubuntu running off a cliff?

And, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Sometimes I feel like I’m watching Ubuntu running quickly towards a big cliff.

Recently, it was hinted/announced that Gnome would be dropped as Ubuntu’s default desktop, and x.org dropped as the x server. The mint Distro has forked itself to produce a pure Debian distro, which was what Ubuntu was supposed to be (sort of) when I signed up for it, which I take to be a reaction by the minters of Mint to Ubuntu’s increasing non-Debian-ness. At the same time Ubuntu is trying to be all forward moving and stuff, yet it is unable for some reason to provide non GPL but free and legal drivers so that when Ubuntu is installed on grandma’s laptop in an environment where there is no plug-in LAN, the user is SOL and has to do what to most is tricky hacking stuff just to get a single, simple switch thrown so their computer will work (same with some video drivers).

(Read more below the fold. Warning: Photograph of woman on nude beach, may not be work safe.)
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