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Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani will NOT be stoned to death. She will be hung by the neck until dead.

Which I take to be some kind of improvement.

Human rights advocates who felt that this resolution wasn’t exactly what they were looking for have continued to fight on behalf of Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two. But according to the International Committee Against Stoning, Iranian authorities have given the green light for Ashtiani’s execution to take place as early as tomorrow, November 3rd. And it’s not clear what means they ended up deciding on to take her life, or if they’re going to go ahead and stone her after all.

Well, maybe they will stone her.

Click here, learn more, sign the petition.

More details on Delaware Teabaggers and Voter Intimidation

The Delaware Democratic Party claimed Tuesday that Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell’s supporters were rallying outside polling places and creating a disturbance that amounted to illegal “voter intimidation”…

The state Democratic Party first leveled the charge in a brief written statement Tuesday afternoon.

“There have been some reports of voter intimidation from the O’Donnell campaign or her supporters throughout the state. This activity is illegal and contrary to our rule of civility in Delaware,” the party said.

… voters had called their hotline to complain that groups of 15-20 people were rallying and chanting outside polling places … Voters reported feeling uncomfortable and, in some cases, being unable to access the polling site, she said.

“They’re doing it right in the entranceway and they’re being extremely loud,” she said.

Ellis said some voters could hear the chanting inside, which she called an election law violation, and that the campaign has since been asked to stop.

“These groups were cheering … making noise that was carrying into the 50 (foot) area although the group was not inside the 50 (foot) area physically. Because the noise could be heard inside the area, I called the campaign and asked them to discontinue the practice,” Manlove said. “I have had no further complaints, so my assumption is that the campaign has ceased this practice.”

More details

More on Kansas Voter Intimidation by Republicans and Teabaggers

The Kansas Democratic Party has leveled a charge of voter intimidation and has filed a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General’s office.

According to the Kansas Democratic Party, they received allegations from “individual” voters from around Kansas who claimed to have received a robo-call from who they called an “as yet named Republican organization” reminding them to bring their voter registration card and proof of home ownership with them to the polls on Nov. 3.

First, the election is slated for Nov. 2 and second, Kansas voters are not required to bring a voter registration card nor proof of home ownership to the polls when they vote.

“There is no place for voter intimidation in our electoral process,” said Kansas Democratic Party Chairman Larry Gates. “Every Kansas voter should feel comfortable with their right to cast a ballot and understand tactics like these are lies meant to scare them away from exercising that right.”

Gavin Young, spokesman for Kansas Attorney General Steve Six said that there has been an investigation opened into the allegations because voter intimidation is a felony under Kansas law.

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If you are a resident of Minnesota you can vote NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!

Chalk one up to the Republicans: A liberal leaning African American acquaintance was talked out of voting today because “they changed the rules and you need two forms of ID and a Minnesota Drivers License this year” etc. etc. Yes, folks, he was lied to, he gave up, and that’s one point for the Teabaggers and one point against democracy.

Do not be a moron. You can vote if you live here. That’s true pretty much everywhere. Just do it. If you get to the polls and things don’t seem to be right for you to vote, talk to the people sitting at the folding table. It can always be done, even if it requires some forms being filled out.

We just got back from our polling place. There were a LOT of people there, but I didn’t spot any of the 10,000 teabaggers that promised to show up at Minnesota polls to harass people, defying a court order. I was deeply disappointed. I wanted to get me a teabagger. Wrestle his ass to the ground, step on his head, all that. Oh well. Maybe I’ll go back later.

Kansas and Delaware: Reports of Voter Intimidation

TPM reports that the Kansas Attorney General is looking into reports that some voters were called and told “the election has been moved to Wednesday, that they need to bring their voter registration cards to the polls and that they need proof of homeownership to vote.”


The Delaware Democratic Party tweeted this afternoon about unspecified “reports” of voter intimidation in Dover.


You can check out the Dover Dems tweets here.

Voter Intimidation in South Carolina

Surely, South Carolina is the suckiest state in the union these days. So, it is not a surprise to discover that teabaggers are intimidating voters they think may be against them.

Early this morning, self-identified tea party activists showed up at a polling station near Benedict College in Columbia, “basically harassing students–telling people not to vote and generally making voters feel uncomfortable,” says Keiana Page, press secretary for the state Democratic Party, who said that the party’s legal team is currently investigating the reported incident at the historically black college.


Minnesota Voter Intimidation: “Please ID Me Buttons” maneno

A group called Minnesota Majority is said to have deployed over 10,000 people to polling stations across Minnesota in what is being called “an aggressive campaign to fight what organizers claim is a widespread problem of voter fraud.”

And, in so doing, have launched a major episode of voter indimidation.

… Minnesota Majority is directing its members to wear “Please ID Me” buttons in violation of a federal judge’s orders,…

Judge Joan Ericksen ruled Monday that the buttons “are designed to affect the actual voting process at the polls by intimating that voters are required to show identification before voting,” …

In an e-mail sent to the conservative tea party-affiliated group’s members on Monday night, however, Minnesota Majority encouraged those heading to the polls to defy the judge’s order.

“You can simply remove or cover the challenged item and you’ll be allowed to vote, or you can refuse and demand your right to vote and the election judge will allow you to vote, while also recording your name and you could be charged with a petty misdemeanor,” the e-mail said, according to TPM.


So, if you are at the polls to day in MN, and you see one of those buttons, it may be your civic duty to ensure that the polling officers take down that person’s name. For later. What fun.

Extensive, often Racist Voter Intimidation by Teabaggers Reported in Minnesota

Minnesota media is reporting several instances of overzealous election challengers in polling places as the Republican Party of Minnesota ramps up its allegations of voter fraud. In several Minnesota precincts, reporters confirmed that GOP poll challengers have overstepped their bounds. …

…The Associated Press reports that in Hennepin County there have been some tense conversations between election judges and GOP challengers who don’t seem to understand the rules….

…the poll challengers were entering restricted areas and making challenges that are against the rules….

…The Minnesota Independent received a report this morning that a poll challenger at the Emerson school in the Loring Park area of Minneapolis was challenging Somali voters….

…The Star Tribune reports that in Shakopee a GOP challenger questioned the registration of a voter because he was “too young.”…

…In Bloomington, the Star Tribune reports, an African American woman was asked by an election judge if she was a felon after she had already affirmed her oath. “I am an African American woman and I do believe this old Caucasian biddy was targeting me,” she told the Minneapolis paper. “Things are getting out of hand!”…

…”Minnesota residents have reported sightings of a mobile billboard driving through Minneapolis affixed with Election Integrity Watch’s poster of an individual in handcuffs, which is designed to suppress and intimidate voters,”…

More here.