Daily Archives: October 25, 2010

“If I had a gun, I’d come after you, you SOB.”

That’s what one of my fellow Minnesotans, a gun-nut proto-teabagger, said to Paul Wellstone after he was elected to the Senate, and was busy opposing Gulf War I. There were many other threats as well, once again demonstrating that right wingers are often rude, sometimes violent, and always obnoxious.

This comes up now because Paul Wellstone’s FBI file is suddenly in the public eye.

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Richard in the Belize

Hurricane Richard is now Tropical Storm Richard, and is weakening rapidly. When this storm passes over the Gulf of Mexico, it is not expected to gain strength, but rather, will be torn asunder by the forces of nature and stuff and will dissipate.

Richard knocked out power and messed up a bunch of roofs, but the news from Belize seems to indicate that the storm was not a disaster.

Will there be a Shary (that’s the next name on the list of hurricane names for this season in the Atlantic). Maybe. There’s a stormy area in the middle of the Atlantic that may develop, but not for a least a few days.