Daily Archives: October 24, 2010

Windows vs. Linux: Boot Time Test

It should not really matter how long it takes to boot your OS. Why? Because a good OS will start up once after a major system upgrade, then stay on forever after unless there is a power failure. If you want to shut down the computer you can hibernate the state to keep all your apps ‘running’ and files ‘open.’ You never really need to reboot, so why worry if a boot takes one minute, two, or three?

Unless, of course, your operating system is Windows. In this case, it matters a LOT how long it takes to reboot because you have to reboot the damn thing every time somebody’s hat falls off. So, Windows booting time is important.

JH at Linux in Exile has done a number of Windows/Linux boot comparisons. His results to date have always shown Windows to be slower. Many people insist that there are data that show that Windows is always faster. I personally know that Windows is slower because my wife and I have fairly similar laptops, but mine runs Linux and hers is a managed Windows system. When we both turn our computers on at about the same time, mine boots up, I do my stuff, I hand her my laptop and she does whatever web-based things she can do on my laptop, we make dinner, feed the baby and put him to sleep, maybe paint the living room, etc., then her laptop is maybe booted up, almost.

OK, I exaggerate but that’s what it feels like.

Anyway, JH has a new test that is slightly biased towards letting one of the two operating systems win the race to boot, and the results shocked me. Have a look.

Happy Birthday Genie Scott!!!

Today is Genie Scott’s birthday. Genie is loved by all in the community of biological scientists because of her central role, as director of the National Center for Science Education, in fighting the good fight against irrational efforts to teach creationism in our public schools and elsewhere. Genie is the author of several books, articles, and book chapters, including Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction and Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for Our Schools.