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Teabagging Terrorists step up attacks on Latino progressive Democratic candidate

This story has been more or less in the background for some time, as the receipts of envelopes containing swastikas, cat food, and shit sent by right wing extremists is fairly run of the mill. But the latest envelope from what appear to be white supremacist teabagging terrorists sent to Congressman Raul Grijalva’s office appears to have contained a toxic “white powder.” His office has been shut down and his campaign in this very close race has been severely disrupted.

Details here.

And, this:

What is the most important human adaptation?

Human infants require more care than they should, if we form our expectations based on closely related species (apes, and more generally, Old World simian primates). It has been said that humans are born three months early. This is not accurate. It was thought that our body size predicted a 12 month gestation, and some suggested that Neanderthals would have had such, but this research conclusion has been set aside based on new analysis. But it is still true that developmentally, human children do not reach a stage of development that allows some degree of self care for a very long time compared to apes. The actual sequence of development is not directly comparable: It is not the case that after a certain amount of time humans reach a specific stage reached earlier in the lifecycle by Chimpanzees, as the differences are more complicated than that. For the present purposes, we can characterize the human condition for early development like this: Human babies are more helpless in more ways and for longer than comparable ape babies.
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I read the news today, oh boy.

Between ten and fifteen people who’s skin is not pale-pinkish white have been shot by Swedish extremists, mirroring the recent election in Sweden of numerous strongly anti-non-white officials. The most hard to spot stealthy submarine in the British Navy has become the most visible and talked about naval vessel. Biggest news story I didn’t notice this week: The Juan Williams, Bill O’Really, NPR and Fox News WTF.*