Daily Archives: August 30, 2010

Florida Man with No Background in Science Determines that Creationism is a Valid Theory for How Life Got There and What it Is

Ray M. Davis, Jr., of Alachua also admits that his religious beliefs tell him that creationism is true, but despite this admission he still feels that his local school board should ruin science education for all the children in his local public school by ramming their non scientific beliefs down the throats of the students in science class. Oh, and he must also think his school district has a grove of money trees, because the legal defense when they do follow such nonsensical advice and get snagged … and yes, we are watching … will be substantial.

Read this remarkable story from the Gainesville Sun here. You might also want to write your own letter to the editor at the Sun, and while you’re at it, you might want to suggest that from a journalistic point of view, publishing letters like this one from Mr. Davis is roughly like publishing letters that suggest that Bigfoot be covered in the local high school’s Zoology Class and that the Geography Class must include the Flat Earth theory, and the physical science class should cover Alchemy. (Roughly. Not exactly. Analogies are not exact, else they would not be analogies.) Mr. Davis is certainly entitled to his uniformed opinion, but the primary institutions of our nation, like schools, newspapers, etc. have a responsibility to be more selective than the Gainesville Sun appears to be.