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“Old Bones and Modern Genetics.” Greg Laden, Lynn Fellman. Atheists Talk # 79 August 15, 2010

Lucy, Ardi, Frodo, and us: what old bones and new genetics are revealing today.

Who are these people and can we call them family? Listen to Greg Laden and Lynn Fellman discuss how recent fossil and tool discoveries are changing the shape of our family tree.

A report earlier this week showed evidence for stone tool use at 3.39 million years ago — much earlier than previously thought.

In addition to ancient bones and tools, genetics is filling some of the pre-historic knowledge gaps. For instance, genetic material from 40,000 year old bones show that some of us are one to four percent Neanderthal.

As a biological anthropologist, Greg Laden has insight into how the recent finds are challenging intrenched ideas. He’ll talk about what new trends are changing our understanding of human evolution. Taking us through past and recent discoveries, Greg’s engaging way of thinking critically about the mixing of bones and genes reveal a remarkable and controversial family story.

Lynn Fellman is a member of Minnesota Atheists and an independent artist inspired by evolution and genetics. You can see her work on display at UROC now through December. Commissioned by the University of Minnesota, the exhibit are DNA portraits of Native American, African American, Laos and others from the Northside community.

More details and links to Lynn’s site and other sites HERE.

The Marc Hauser Maneno. Truth Will Out.

A fairly accurate and well done, and more up to date, account of what has gone on with the Marc Hauser investigation is here, in a piece punished in the New York Times by Nicholas Wade: In Harvard Lab Inquiry, a Raid and a 3-Year Wait.

It is very clear that the Fourth Estate is on the verge of a detailed and clear description of events.

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