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Note: On the Intertubes, he word “strike” and “scienceblogs” now occurs randomly in relation to topic at hand rather than in connection with Pepsico. Such as “Lightning Strike” and “Hunger Strike” and “doesn’t strike me as shocking

Note: When you are a single parent, it’s pretty much baby OR blogging. I’ve been a single parent for several days, but getting back to the whole “village raises the child” thing shortly.

Kittywhumpus Pwns Target

Everybody should do this:

Dear Target,

What’s $2183.70 to a big company like you, beloved by millions of shoppers throughout the land, with sales of $63.4 billion during 2009? Not much, but it’s what my little family of three spent at your stores in 2009 and 2010, up to now. I know you don’t need me anymore. After all, your 2009 results “reflect the strongest retail segment profit in [your] history”.

It’s been grand, or, dare I say “Super”, but I think it’s time we see other people….

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Everyone needs the new Video Camera Barbie

Details on the Barbie Video Girl Doll:

Your Barbie Video Girl doll is a real working video camera! With Video Girl, it’s fun and easy to make your own movies. Here’s how it works: her necklace is really a video camera lens! Lift her hood and you’ll see a color LCD screen and three easy-to-use controls. The screen lets you see what you shoot! With just the push of a button, you can record any video you want, and then play it back instantly. You can also plug Video Girl into your computer and download your movies, then watch and share them with your friends! Includes doll, USB 2.0 cord. Barbie Video Girl doll is Windows/Mac compatible. Visit Barbie.com/videogirl to download free Video Girl editing software and get fun movie-making tips!

Evolutionary Biology Geeks: Three must read books for you!

Can you imagine Stephen Jay Gould recast as a tall and lanky Jesuit priest who has an interest in evolution? Can you imagine someone actually attempting the famous experiment of getting a large number of chimpanzees at keyboards to see if you can get any Shakespeare? Eventually? (The experiment is enhanced with the use of carefully dispensed M&M’s.) Did you ever wonder, if a chimpanzee did make the switch to human levels of intelligence (by training, drugs, surgery, whatever) what kind of scotch if would prefer?


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My favorite restaurant is closing, but I don’t seem to care.

If the restaurant was being forced closed by the city making dumb tax-related decisions and the public works department acting almost vindictively against a certain neighborhood, as was the case when JP’s closed, I’d be pissed. If it was a restaurant that was really trying to do well but failed because of the economy or because people did not appreciate it, I’d be unhappy. If it was a restaurant that served as the only anchor in a neighborhood at an uncertain tipping point, I’d be concerned. But none of those things are true.
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