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Scienceblogs.com still has some good blogging

“Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity…And I’m not afraid to say it. ” … so THAT’s why they hate Mel Gibson? Follow the bouncing logic here.

When I was a kid, I collected stamp. I loved it. Then, one day, my uncle sent me a box of ash from a volcano that had destroyed his village in Costa Rica. That was cool. Now, these two cool things are combined into one: Iceland issues stamps made with Eyjafjallajökull ash

A report from the field: Out in the Oil with Captain Dave

An American Funeral

Recently I witnessed something remarkable-yet altogether ordinary.

I had the honor of being invited to a family’s memorial service a while ago. While not a member of this family, I am very close to one member and through him knew the deceased. To the others, Sylvia was sister, sister-in-law, aunt, great-aunt, and relationships extending outward from there. Her own family had scattered after her divorce, and she moved up to Minnesota to be close to her brother’s family.

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Chicago Area Denizens: Get your fortune told!

… by people who really know how to tell a fortune…

Ask us any question you want! And we’ll answer it for you! We’ll have tarot cards! Palm readings! A crystal* ball! And dowsing pendulums (courtesy of SurlyRamics)!

You can even attend out pseudoworkshop “5 minute Google: How to impress your drunk ass friends with psychic readings”. Then you can hold your own psychic fair!

We’ll even have raffles (we already know that you’re a winner!) And a silent auction. And chairs! And an open bar! And a skeptical psychic face off!

You can even compete to prove your own psychic powers are the best in Chicago!

Be there!

Friday, July 23

Galway Arms
2442 N Clark
Chicago, Il

More details here

No Metazoan is an Island

I’m one of those dreadful animal-centric zoologically inclined biologists. Plants? What are those? Fungi? They’re related to metazoans somehow. Lichens? Not even on the radar. The first step in fixing a problem, though, is recognizing that you have one. So I confess to you, O Readers, that my name is PZ, and I am a metazoaphile. But I can get better. …

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