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HuffPo Religion and Science: the stupidest thing I’ve read on the internet all morning

Although I quickly add that I’ve not been reading much on the Internet this morning, but stilll ….. There is this item in HuffPo … Jesus and the Evolution of the Species by Stanley Knick, PhD:

This is not about whether you believe in God, or whether you believe in evolution. It is not about whether you believe that Jesus is the Son of God. If you believe in God, fine. If not, fine. If you believe evolution is real, fine. If not, fine. This is not about what you believe, or what I believe. It is about the idea of Jesus, and the idea of evolution, and what these two ideas might have to say about each other and about us.

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Interesting Items

The BBC Sports Section accidentally released a version of its newly designed website that insulted many of its readers, and possibly insulted The Queen (depending on one’s interpretation). The web site had “place holder” text and graphics that were not removed before release. Here’s the story.

Let this be a lesson to you, web developers!

A legislator in California is afraid of the asbestos in the State Rock. But, this asbestos can’t really get out of the rock an harm you. But technically, yes, it is in there, in the serpentine, helping it look all cook and stuff. Read about the stupidity.

IBM has a computer that produces hot water to use for heat and takes less energy (than comparable computers) to run. Check it out.

US 5th District Court Slaps Evolution and Reason Upside the Head

Apparently, it is OK for a government agency to insist that its employees consider religious explanations for natural phenomenon as equal to scientific ones in the context of science education.

In a decision issued on July 2, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld a lower court’s decision that the Texas Education Agency’s policy requiring “neutrality” of its employees when “talking about evolution and creationism” is not unconstitutional.

This idiotic decision is contrary to a lot of other case law and won’t stand. But we will have to fight over this one.

Elections matter. Because elections determine who gets to be judge.

Details here at NCSE

Bobby Fischer’s Body Exhumed

The remains of US-born chess champion Bobby Fischer have been exhumed in Iceland to establish a paternity claim.

Lawyers for nine-year old Jinky Young and her mother, Marilyn, who had a relationship with Fischer, claim she is entitled to Fischer’s fortune.

The Supreme Court in Reykjavik ruled last month a tissue sample was needed to prove she was Fischer’s daughter.

He died in 2008 having become an Icelander in 2005. Apparently, there are a lot of people after his two million dollar estate.