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Inside the mind of the anonymous online poster

Interesting piece:

…Certain topics never fail to generate a flood of impassioned reactions online: immigration, President Obama, federal taxes, “birthers,” and race. This story about Obama’s Kenyan aunt, who had been exposed as an illegal immigrant living in public housing in Boston and who was now seeking asylum, manages to pull strands from all five of those contentious subjects….

Here at the Boston Globe.

HT Virgil Samms

Given enough time, the most improbable things happen. Probably.

Is it possible for all the oxygen molecules in the room, which are moving around randomly, to randomly all move to one corner so everyone is breathing just nitrogen for a while and they die?

Is is possible for a World Cup soccer game to have a score of, say, 24 to one?

Is is possible for a tennis match to go on for several days because, after all, there is no limit on how many times they can bounce the ball back and forth across the net?