Daily Archives: June 20, 2010

Oedipus Maximus: The curious case of the YNH blog

The blogger(s?) at You’re Not Helping have tried, really tried, to help. But in such a ham-handed, erratic, uneven, capricious, ad hominem (in that, if you’re PZ Myers you must be wrong) way, that they have polarized where they could have rallied, obfuscated where they could have clarified, and alienated where they could have allied. A classic case of alienation is that of commenter Oedipus Maximus. It would appear that Oedipus showed up on the YNH blog interested in what they were saying, engaged in the conversation, then somehow got the author(s) of YNH pissed off. He seems to have hit them on a day they were out of smokes or had not yet had their coffee or something, because they went so far as to ban him. Or, maybe, they just didn’t think he was important and treated him like crap.

In any event, YNH apparent mistreatment of Oedipus Maximus actually inspired OM to write up his/her experience, and it is here: The curious case of the You’re Not Helping blog. In fact, this is the first post on OM’s new blog. I hope you read it.

Welcome to the blogosphere, OM, I’m sure your presence will make it a better place. If, that is, you are not driven into the swamp by those who can’t handle not being entirely in control of the discourse!