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What is a hippie?

Occasionally you hear about hippies. But people who call themselves hippies today, or that others call hippies, are not like the original hippies at all. Generally, modern hippies are more brown (and I’m talking clothing choice) and less stoned than the original hippies. The original hippies were making many different political statements, social statements, and fashion statements. Of those various statements, many have been incorporated into modern mainstream thinking. Other ideas were taken out into the yard, shot mercilessly in the head, and buried in a deep, unmarked hole dug in the forest….

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The Evolution of Asshatitude on The Internet

Matini chewed hungrily on the cooked forearm of the monkey as I watched, thinking, “WTF, is he really not going to share?” The others watched him with looks of incredulity that told me they were thinking the same thing. Finally, Latala said to Matini, thumb pointing sideways to me, “You know, he knows the rules.”

“Huh?” Matini replied, looking up vaguely with his eyes while chewing the arm.

“You killed that monkey with an arrow he had given you. Therefore, that arm is his, according to our traditional way of dividing up the portions of animals we have hunted. But you are not sharing.”
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