Daily Archives: April 27, 2010


I’m using the Internet connection of some neighbor who’s name is “linksys” because my 6 year old wireless router died this morning. I have had a GI disease of some kind for the last few days which has made it impossible to eat pain meds. Ouch ouch ouch. Tomorrow, I get oral surgery. I blew all the dust out of all of my computers with those cans of air, and it settled on everything. And the vacuum cleaner sucks. In that it doesn’t.

So don’t expect any great blogging from me today, or even tomorrow, OK? Just don’t.

Maybe I’ll twitter baby duty tomorrow.

The Cucumber Slice on the Wheel of Death

Knife throwing is for real. This came up on a different thread. Although it is possible to make a fake stage act that involves what looks like knife throwing, that is actually fairly rare. It is easier to learn to throw the knife than to make a contraption that would actually fool today’s skeptical audiences.

The following is a YouTube video that happens to be of a performance that Stephanie Zvan, Julia and I saw last September (I remember two or three things in this video that identify it as that specific show, that specific day).
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