Monthly Archives: March 2010

A Day in the Life of an Urban Archaeologist

Dennis removed the top of the hamburger bun, flipped the meat out of the way, laid down catchup on both sides and reassembled the Cheeseburger Special Agnes had just laid before him as deftly as he always did. And, as expected, the new guy shyly and quietly took note of this culinary quirk, and I knew that starting soon, if he remembered having seen this today, he’d be putting the catchup on both sides of his burger too, as we all did once we saw Dennis do it. It’s just better that way. It’s not like it’s more catchup. The same amount of catchup distributed on both sides of the hamburger works better for three or four reasons, all of which anyone who tries it a few times will learn. Now that you know to do it, I think you’ll start doing it too. If you remember….

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Mishugina Michigan Militias on the Move?

Over the last couple of days, FBI agents have staged a number of raids in Michigan and arrested members of Hutaree, a Christian militia group based there. The Christian Soldiers have been preparing to do battle with “The AntiChrist.” which we suspect either the Democratic Party, the Health Care Bill, or Barack Obama himself. Local Militias (Michigan is famous for it’s radical Militia groups) claim that they have nothing to do with this “cult.”
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