Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

Using computers in schools: Everything changes

The following video documents a project in the Bronx where students are given laptops and much of their school work (in the classroom and out) is done on Google Docs or using other resources.

Interesting changes happen.

The number of students at grade level in math increases from single digits to over half. That is an astounding difference, proving that in some cases environment contributes to a HUGE proportion of variation in intelligence as tested, in this case, by evaluations of math skills.

The teachers have realized they had been asking students to do something they themselves are incapable of doing, and have shifted their emphasis to include multi tasking as something the students are expected to do and also need to be good at.

Big brother really does exist and can creep into the system at any time. And when I say creep, I mean… well, just pay close attention to what happens at just after 4:30 on this video. Wow.

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