Daily Archives: February 16, 2010

I would like to thank the two women who stood guard over my livid writhing form, waiting for the ambulance. But I didn’t get their names.

An endless stream of ceiling tiles flow by punctuated by light fixtures, vents, and sprinkler heads. There is the occasional cracked tile and yes, the occasional duct tape. The morphine makes it interesting, and it occurs to me that until now I’ve only had this particular view of the world by seeing it on TV or in movies.

The doctor drew a funny drawing and tried to explain what was wrong using plain language. I repeated it back to him using the appropriate anatomical and medical terms and he said “oh, so you know the words, that makes it easier.”

When things have worn off or I feel less like throwing up, I’ll tell you the details. For now, let me just say that I have three patellas. You’re supposed to have only one.

Stay tuned.

The Cthuugle Search Site

It is with some reluctance that I recommend this. Lovecraft was important in science fiction and all, but the little I’ve read of his also stinks of racism, and not just the n-word southerny Mark Twain thing, but a true disdain for all that is not Mighty White. (This would be a case where rewriting would improve and not do damage, in my opinion.)

Anyway, this is a cute search engine. Just be careful how you use it. You would not want to awake …. anything.