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The True Meaning of the Super Bowl (Bonus commentary by Adolf Hitler)

I did not appreciate the sentiment that the New York Yankees had to win the World Series because Osama Bin Laden blew up the World Trade Center. I do not appreciate the sentiment that the New Orleans Saints have to win the Super Bowl because George Bush let poor New Orleans residents die in the Super Dome. I do appreciate the equivalence … between an uncaring homicidal mass murdering maniac and some guy from the Arabian Peninsula who seems to have been the mastermind of dozens of failed terrorist attacks and a couple of ugly ones. But that is another story.
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Local programming note UPDATED

On Feb 12, Feb 19th the Darwin-related film “Creation” will debut in at least one local theater here in the twin cities. A group of us will be getting together prior at a restaurant or other appropriate venue, at which I will be asked to say a few words about Darwin. This event will be organized by the Minnesota Atheists, so please keep an eye on their web site for details!

You might as well also check out the info on Camp Quest in case you are looking for a great summer volunteer opportunity (or a place to send the kids!?!?)

So, what’s up with the Green Economy, now that the whole health care thing is settled?

One opinion you should check out:

…Obama is missing the opportunity of a lifetime to give us serious climate change legislation, and he’s blowing it by going down the middle of the road, trying to please everyone. This year could be the end of any meaningful climate change legislation, until the point where it’s obvious and too late….


Is someone on the Internet crazy?

There is a big fight going on over at Quiche Moraine. Apparently, my friend and co-blogger Mike made a comment or two, months back, about someone and she didn’t like it. So she complained to Stephanie. Well, she complained to me, and I forwarded her complaint to Stephanie. And then they got into it. And Stephanie has turned what would otherwise be a series of emails worthy of little more than deletion into an interesting study of libel, defamation, accusation and loathing.

Libel and Legalistic Bullying

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