Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

Rushton on Race and IQ

As previously noted, J. Philippe Rushton has made the argument that the brain size of “Blacks” is about 1267 cc’s, and for whites it is about 1347 CC’s. It has also been noted that Rushton claims that the average IQ of Blacks is 85 and he average IQ of whites is 100. But does Rushton say that there is a link between the two?
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A Perspective on Critical Thinking

The process of using critical thinking involves several steps. These steps work formally in experimental design and analysis, studying and mastering new concepts as we learn and in making decisions that people need to make in the various aspects of our lives. They also work informally and people process these steps often when we are not aware of them, nor even that we are following them.

Mike Haubrich on Critical Thinking, a propos Science Online 10