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Science On Line 2010 is coming up

Not everyone can go to SoTen, but the participants in this upcoming bloggy/onliney conference are tying to keep the discussion broad and involve readers and commenters. The latest effort along these lines is by Ed Young who has posted a post (linking to other posts) pursuant to a panel on science journalism in the age of the web. So you may want to go to his post and poke around.

You may also want to take a look at the whole SoTen program, here. The session I’m involved in, organized by Stephanie Zvan, is to be on trust and critical thinking, and a description of the session and a set of related links is here.

Also, THIS is an important touchstone to some of the topics we’ll be discussing.

Not everything of interest in science is nine days old or less

Selected Peer Reviewed Blogging posts of continuing from previous Junes and Julys:

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