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Religion Hunter Bites the Dust

Heather Rosa:

Five days a week I’m a news junkie. On weekends I take a complete break. Come Monday morning, I’m again ready for the news, catching up on whatever happened over the weekend. The first thing that slapped me in the face Monday morning, even before the every-five-minute repeat of the weather, was this story: a local woman had died after traveling to Arizona to participate in somebody’s idea of a sweat lodge ceremony. After keeling over from excessive heat (possibly literally biting the dust), she was taken to a hospital and later died. Authorities stated homicide charges were pending….

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Opinions Void of Facts are Just as Valid as Those Based on Facts

… well, that would sure make things a lot easier…

Sean Hannity’s … feigns dismay at the idea that Christians don’t have any signs up in the NYC Subway system.

I am trying to imagine the outrage, because it isn’t happening. There are pro-Christian signs all over the NYC subway system. It shouldn’t take too much to ask one of his underlings about this kind of thing before he makes this kind of statement. But, this is another example of how he likes to fan the flames of a nearly non-existent “culture war” being waged by what his cohort Bill ORLY refers to as the “Secular Progressives.”

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The corporation = one of the best documentaries ever.

I first watched The Corporation
when it was first shown around, at the Minneapolis Film Fest, with the producers and the director. The Corporation
could be termed a forensic personality profile of the American Corporation, but I viewed it as an insightful ethnography of the most important tribe to emerge in human history. The most important, and the most dangerous tribe. In fact, I showed The Corporation as an ethnography in my anthropology classes a number of times.

Here is Part I:
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Some great Sunday reading.

A number of items for you to read, starting with this at Effect Measure, a take down of a recent Atlantic anti-vax article: Journalists sink in The Atlantic article on vaccines

Excellent news for OpenSource: White House uses Open Source technology for its web site.

I’ve been waiting for them to figure out how to do this: Lasers used to write false memories onto the fruit fly brain

Everything can be explained by ERVs, at ERV: Some new virology: XMRV and chronic fatigue syndrome and prostate cancer: blink

Finally, it’s safe to go back into the email box…. Nigerian Spammers Canned