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Minnesota Flu Hotline Over Capacity

The Minnesota Flu Hotline that I had mentioned earlier is a failure. The state is calling it a “hiccup.” Basically, no one can get through because a lot of people are calling in. The local news is reporting that they have yet to get through themselves or to see anyone get through.

Reports are that the state or its contractor were not expecting the volume of calls they are getting. I wonder why it did not occur to anyone that they would get a lot of calls DURING A PANDEMIC!!!!

Anyway, not to throw gasoline on the fire or anything, but if you ARE sick and you REALLY do have the flu, and you ACTUALLY get through to the hotline (click link above to get the number) then maybe they’ll give you a script over the phone for tamiflu. Or so they say. Isn’t that interesting?

Go East, Young Neanderthal

Map of newly extended certainty of Eurasian Neanderthal range. From Nature

It has for some time been difficult to assess the eastern limit of classic “Neanderthals.” Some have claimed that Neanderthals were limited to western Asia, others that they extended across much of Asia. The fossil remains themselves have been difficult to interpret. One reason for this is that Neanderthals are not different enough from other contemporary hominids to assert a similarity or difference for a particular fossil, unless you have enough of it, and the fossil record in Central Asia and East Asia for the relevant time period is a bit dicey. Most people agree that fossil material known from Uzbekistan is Neanderthal. That’s not very far east. Beyond that, there is only controversy and mystery.

Until now, perhaps…

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How to maintain traditional values: Run your daughter over with your car!

Surprise! That’s the name of a town in Arizona, and that’s where the victims in this particular story live. A young Iraqi-American woman was living a very westernized lifestyle, and that lifestyle would not play in Peoria. And by Peoria, I mean Peoria Arizona, where the young woman’s crazy “traditional” father lived.

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I’m pretty sure Oprah would prefer to be white. Right? I mean, who wouldn’t?

Below the fold is the video of Oprah and her encounter with Atheists.

“So you don’t believe in a higher being? … I’m puzzled. I’m confused. You don’t believe in god …? Maybe you believe in you don’t know you believe … maybe it’s more spiritual …”

Oprah, has anyone ever told you that they assume you would prefer to not be black? There are people who think that, you know. I certainly hope that if someone said that to you … something like “I can’t believe you’d want to be black. Wouldn’t life just be easier if you were white….” that you would not find such a thing offensive.

Or would you?

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Richard Dawkins defends theory of evolution

He talks about his book, The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. The interviewer is not my favorite interviewer. A public radio interviewer should not even be asking questions about religion and creationism unless doing a story that is explicitly on fringe beliefs. She digs in just after 16 minutes with the meany atheist thing. But here you have it: