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I would like you to use your imagination ….

… Collectively. By visiting the new Scienceblogs.com blog “Collective Imagination.”

Collective imagination pairs an individual science blogger with an individual scientist or engineer type person from G.E. to discuss stuff. Currently, the science blogger in the Collective Imagination Steel Cage is Yours Truly, and the GE Engineer is my Arch Nemesis Peter Tu.
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Tiny Cameras Show Albatrosses on the Hunt

Tiny little cameras were attached to albatross as they flew around over the open ocean hunting. This is important because it is really hard to study albatross at open sea, and virtually impossible to follow individuals one might like to track from, say, a nesting grounds out many miles (they fly fast and far). By attaching cameras, temperature and depth gauges to the birds one gets some VERY interesting results.

I’ve written a review of a paper that just came out in PLoS on this topic and posted it at Surprising Science, here. Please have a look.