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Princeton MN Bombing Spree Update

At first, the three “suspicious packages” were “possible bombs.” Then they were “incendiary devices” (a bomb that makes fire). Then, they were “potentially dangerous.” They said “if this is a hoax, it’s a good hoax” and at roughly the same time “we have no idea what these are.”

Now, they are “inert” and presumed to have been some kind of joke.
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Who is your creator?

You’ve heard of Who is Your Creator. I first discussed them back on Oh Six. Then, they came up again in Oh Seven.

Then we heard from them more recently: New Creationist Videos Being Produced in Area High School. When I contacted them to ask about what high school was producing the creationist videos, I was told that I was not allowed to know that because I was part of the opposition.

Well, the latest news has just come down the pipes regarding Who is Your Creator Dot Com:

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Ardipithecus ramidus remains finally published after years of delay. Not all that interesting.

Apparently, these papers will be available for OpenAccess later this afternoon. While they are important in the details they provide (and I’m VERY happy to see them coming out), they are not surprising or earth shaking, with respect to our overall understanding of human evolution.

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“Gentlemen Shall Lean to the Left”

For the last several years, the conservative religious right wing has been effective in winning over the hearts and “minds” of a large percentage of the American people. They’ve even managed this in areas that make no sense. Tort reform. Health care reform. Unions. Across the United States, working class people are embracing policies in these areas that will ultimately, over the medium and long term, do them great harm.

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Global warming and the Minnesota Moose. Part I.

Minnesota moose experts generally agree that global warming is forcing the southern edge of the distribution of the moose northward into Canada, threatening this important US population of this ginormous deer species. Global warming denialists insist that this is the moose’s fault, and has nothing to do with global warming. This is the first of a two part look at this question.

This is an Alaskan moose. But someday he hopes to visit its relatives in Minnesota. If they live long enough…

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