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Links and business

First, some important business. If you have a science post, send it to Scientia Pro Publica. . They are due NOW and, I assume owing to the beginning of the school year, there is a shortage.

Second, check this out: Something interesting happened the other day when Almost Diamonds produced this post on purity movements (or, purity as a trait of a community. For convoluted reasons, this led to two largely separate communities bumping a little into each other, which is probably a minor fender bender, but that event resulted in THIS POST at Almost Diamonds, which is a list of posts that Stephanie or I have written over the last year or so on how to ruin, or not ruin, the blogosphere.

If you are on facebook and have any (facebook) friends that are actual (meatland) friends, you better read this. Its about what looks like a very effective scam.

Is it possible that the earth can be cooling and experiencing global warming at the same time? Yes, of course. You don’t have to know much about how the earth works to understand that. Or, you could be a willfully ignorant moron like this guy.

The Touch of the Phantom: When left is right and right is left

ResearchBlogging.orgIf you watch a fake hand standing in for your right hand, and it is touched with a brush while at the same time your left hand, hidden from view, is similarly touched, you feel your right hand being touched. This spooky finding is called “phantom touch” and was reported in a recent issue of PLoS ONE.


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