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Fat Body = Not Fat Head?

A new study finds obese people have 8 percent less brain tissue than normal-weight individuals. Their brains look 16 years older than the brains of lean individuals, researchers said today.

Those classified as overweight have 4 percent less brain tissue and their brains appear to have aged prematurely by 8 years

I don’t know what to think about this yet. It would be nice to know more about the proximate mechanisms. I’m guessing this is a cardio-vascular thing.


hat tip: Natalie.

Wikipedia will limit changes to bio pieces

…within weeks, the English-language Wikipedia will begin imposing a layer of editorial review on articles about living people.

The new feature, called “flagged revisions,” will require that an experienced volunteer editor for Wikipedia sign off on any change made by the public before it can go live. Until the change is approved — or in Wikispeak, flagged — it will sit invisibly on Wikipedia’s servers, and visitors will be directed to the earlier version.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Actually, it is rather astonishing that it does not already work this way.

This is from the NYT.

Back to school: Books on Creationism

If you are a teacher or a parent you may find some of these books especially useful to: a) prepare yourself; b) give to your child’s teacher or a colleague; or c) give to a school administrator. Seriously.

Each link is to a review of the book to help you decide if you are interested.

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