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The anxiety of the threes

So, bad things come in threes, right? Well, no, we don’t believe that. This discussion came up after the recent death of Michale Jackson. A rumor of the death of another celebrity came along (that rumor was incorrect) and this somehow sparked a discussion of there “needing to be” a third death to fulfill the prophecy of the three … because Farah Fawcett had died, then Michale Jackson, and then ….. OMG!! Who was going to be next!!!
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An Open Letter to Rachel Maddow

Dear Rachel,

Apropos this story:

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Rachel, you know I love you, but I have to tell you that you must have your staff put a little more effort into the details of reporting these vitally important stories. In Minneapolis, we (and when I say “we” I mean “they”) have been doing this fancy bike thing forever. This is the main recreational activity of our famous anarchists, as a matter of fact. Here are a couple of examples:
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Republican Party Leader Used Pistol to Intimidate Old Man

Teabagger and GOP party chairman Charles McAffee pulled out his piece to intimidate a man who’s home he was photographing. McAffee was photographing the man’s house on behalf of Wells Fargo bank because of a mortgage related problem. When the man came out to find out what was going on it is said that McAffee pointed his magnum at him.

Wells Fargo needs to explain why it has contractors using guns on its customers.

Mr. McAffee has to explain why he felt the need to stick his hand-held cannon in this poor old guy’s face.

The Republican Party needs to explain … oh n ever mind, we know that already….

Hat Tip: Melissa.
The Raw Story has … the story. Raw.

Betsy McCaughey Bags 30K Bribe Source To Fix Image

Betsy McCaughey (see this) has been receiving $30,000 per year from a medical supply company to be on their “board.” This is of course totally unrelated to her efforts to kill health care reform under both the Clinton and Obama administrations. And Pink Unicorns can fly.

The name of the company that has been paying McCaughey off, er, I mean, paying for her I’m sure very useful service as a board member is Cantel Medical. Cantel provides a wide range of medical products. They still list McCaughey on their web site as Elizabeth McCaughey, Ph.D. Chairman – Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, on the Nominating & Governance Committee. So, her statement that she is off the board appears to be questionable.

The story is reported by Salon.

Internet Bully Jailed

A TEENAGER who posted a death threat on Facebook has become the first person in Britain to be jailed for bullying on a social networking site.

It appears that Keeley Houghton is a bully in real life, and has been bullying one Emily Moore for a few years. In fact, this is her third conviction. She recently reified this behavior on her facebook account and that seems to have been the evidence that put this behavior over the top in this latest round, in the eyes of British Law.

This is not too surprising … that there are teenage bullies and that they do stoopid-shit ™ on the Internet.

What this does demonstrate is that in at least one legal system there may be no special lenience for being an asshole on the internet as opposed to in real life. This case is complicated because the perpetrator was an asshole in both contexts.