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304 non-believers visit creation museum, don’t cause much fuss

A group of scientists, students and secularists — 304 in all — visited Petersburg, Kentucky on Friday to tour exhibits on display at the Creation Museum.

The visitors are in town attending a conference of the Secular Student Alliance, a group formed “to organize, unite, educate and serve students and student communities that promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human based ethics.”

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The Creozerg Visit to the Creation Musuem

I wish I coulda been there … by all accounts it sounds like the Creozerg visit to the Creation Museum went well. A couple of kids were thrown out because they said things or whatever, which is good because it shows that the whole point of the creation museum is to express, secure, and protect a particular point of view and to supress others. For your entertainment, I’ve collected a handful of links from the event. Please visit these links, and if you are a social neworking kinda person, digg-em-up or stumbleuponthem or whatever. It would be very nice, would it not, if over the next few months anyone who sought information on the creation museum found lots of these stories on the top of the google food chain?

If you have a blog, you know what to do. and in case you don’t, just open this page (the one you are reading now) with Firefox, and hit ctrl U. Then, find the code for the list of links, copy, paste, blog.

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