Daily Archives: August 7, 2009

Steve of ‘Homer’ blog left an anonymous death threat on my friend’s blog. Bad move, Steve.

OK, there is this blogger named Steve. Steve is of some interest, so let’s see who he is. This is what Steve says this about himself in the about section of his own blog:

Though I grew up in Garland, I was born in Irving. And my dad’s biggest bragging point about me is that you could see Texas Stadium from the window in the room where I was born. So, as you can see, I never had a chance. I love the Dallas Cowboys more than most of my family members and I’m here to keep haters on the straight and narrow. I’m also the resident hippie-hater. Don’t bring your liberal crap in here, because it won’t be tolerated!

Lately, Steve has been arguing with Stephanie Zvan about the crazy anti-health teabaggers over on this blog. More recently, Stephanie wrote a post about Atheism and Alienatation. In that post, Stephanie provides a very interesting and detailed discussion of what Atheists try to do, try to not do, are told to do, and told to not do. (This is not unrelated to this recent post by moi: What to do if you accidentally end up with a roommate who is religious?).

Well, the first comment on Stephanie’s post is what I would count as a death threat. It is not 100% clear that it is a threat. It does not say “I will kill you.” It does tell Stephanie and all atheists that the sooner they die the better and that before that they don’t really count as humans (to put it slightly more politely than Steve did).

What is funny about this is that Steve posted that remark anonymously, and Stephanie outed him.

My original title for this post was “Poe or real? Death Threat Doling Blogger Exposed!” because I did not believe it was possible for anyone to be as over the top as Steve appears to be. But as I’ve read around and collected the info for this post, I decided that he really is what he seems to be, and as you can see, I retitled it.

And, in that title, when I say “bad move, Steve” that is not because of something I’m going to do, like I’m going to come to Stephanie’s rescue or something. It is because Steve has actually messed with the wrong person. In fact, I kind of feel sorry for poor ol’ Steve. This is not to say that I wouldn’t come to Stephanie’s rescue. I would. But I know her very well and I know she’ll have things totally in control. I will simply make myself available in any way I can be helpful. Perhaps I’ll make cookies and tea for those of us who are going to enjoy watching what happens next.

Oh dear, poor Steve….

Oh, if you ever digg or stumble on or otherwise promote blog posts, this would be a good one to do, don’t you think?

UPDATE: Apology and explanation offered and accepted.