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Linuxoids: Butter Eff Ess is in your future. Background here.

btrfs (pronounced as in the title) is the next gen linux file system (you can tell it is a file system because it ends in “fs” which means “File-related stuff.”

Valerie Aurora nee Henson gives us “….a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of btrfs on many levels – technical, political, personal – and trace it from its origins at a workshop to its current position as Linus’s root file system …” here

Lead Poisoning and Loons: A skeptical look

This is the continuation of a discussion of loons, skeptically viewed. I am not skeptical about loons themselves. I know they exist. In fact, I just spent the last half hour watching Mom and Dad loon (whom I cannot tell apart, by the way) feeding Junior I and Junior II (whom I also cannot tell apart) what I have determined to be mostly crayfish, but also the occasional minnow.

In this installment of How the Loon Terns we will look at breeding success.
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