Daily Archives: July 4, 2009

Reinstalling Grub

I recommend avoiding dual booting if one or more of your systems is Windows, because Windows does not play nice with other operating systems. But if Windows messed up your booting software (Grub) this is how to fix it.

What I had for breakfast: Belief = Blame

They don’t exactly equal each other. But from the perspective of a skeptic, I would like you to consider that belief and blame are very similar. Yesterday at the Skeptics 101 panel at Connie, I heard the fact that not everyone today is already a questioning, thoughtful, intelligent skeptic blamed on the usual things. Kids these days. The school system. Standardized tests. Dumb-ass political leaders. And so on.

Buried in this is a thread to a second thought I wanted to get on the table quickly: In the US, we need academic standards for K-12 that are uniform across the country. Anything less, it turns out, is classist and possibly racist, inefficient and ineffective. Think about it. It is good education to have nation-wide curriculum standards that specify to grade.

I will try to connect the dots later. In the mean time, you can blow some shit up. It is July 4th. Just make sure you to it legally and safely and don’t drink to much and avoid driving.

The biggest danger to All Americans on July 4th is radiation. From all the radar guns pointing at us.