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Boot Time (Windows vs. Linux)

Linux in Exile has refined the empirical test of which operating system boots more often. Details and discussion here.

Of course, it also matters that Windows requires constant rebooting for the purpose of routine maintanance, while Linux does not, so the total ‘boot wait’ time (TBWT) for the two systems is so different that they really can’t be compared at all.

Meanwhile, …the new Linux Kernel (2.6.10) has faster boot time and will run faster than the previous Kernel.

Thanks to the already implemented fastboot patches, the new Kernel 2.6.30 has the ability to recognize hard disks simultaneously and therefore significantly quicker. Ext 4 operates more securely, and Ext 3 increases performance.

Kernel 2.6.30 has arrived, and along with Tux as the old new mascot, is accompanied by an assortment of modifications to the new data system Ext 4.

Those of you who have been following the ext4 maneno will want to read the whole story here at Linux Magazine.

Christian Conservatives Oppose Anti-Hate Bill

The following press release has just come across my virtual desk:

Letter from Conservative Leaders Implores Senators to Filibuster Hate Crimes Bill

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 16 /Christian Newswire/ — This week, a letter is being hand-delivered to every member of the United States Senate imploring conservatives to join Senator Jim DeMint’s filibuster of the pending Hate Crimes bill, which would criminalize preaching the Gospel and put preachers in the crosshairs.

The letter explains that, in its current form, the Hate Crimes legislation would: “Silence the moral voice of the Church” — “Punish principled dissent from the homosexual agenda” — “Be a savage and perhaps fatal blow to First Amendment freedom of expression” – – and “Empower the left and encourage it to move forward with even more radical measures.”

The letter is signed by more than 60 conservative leaders, including some of the leading lights of the Values Voter movement, among them: James Dobson (Focus On The Family), Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), Don Wildmon (American Family Association), Gary Bauer (American Values), Hon. Tom DeLay (former Majority Whip, U.S. House of Representatives), Phyllis Schlafly (Eagle Forum), Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel), Wendy Wright (Concerned Women for America) and Rick Scarborough (Vision America).

Vision America President Dr. Rick Scarborough commented: “We are urging Senators to join DeMint (R, SC) in filibustering this pernicious — one might almost say ‘toxic’ — legislation. As Values Voter leaders, we are saying this vicious assault on the Church and the First Amendment must not and will not be allowed to succeed.”

From TFN

FBI Nabs Pot Hunters (Archaeology)

Last week, federal agents swooped in on 23 of the 24 people indicted on charges of stealing archaeological artifacts from public land and Indian reservations in the Southwest. But after a 60-year-old physician committed suicide over the weekend, Utah senators are saying the raid was overkill.

The arrests were made following a two-year operation codenamed “Cerberus Action,” after the multi-headed dog in Greek mythology that guards the underworld. The case involves 256 Native American artifacts including woven baskets, pots, sandals, and an ax, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation values at $335,685. Defendants were charged with violations of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA), which prohibit the excavation and sale of artifacts from

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