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Learning the bash shell, continued

This is a repost of a review that is timely, given this week’s focus on setting up your Linux server and changing all your computers over to Linux and so on.

i-30a1e0366512a8ac50ae2cf969f02d73-learning_bash_shell.jpgI started this discussion a while back, and now it is time to continue it.

The Bourne Again Shell, bash, is the default command-line shell in Ubuntu and many *nix (Unix, Linux, etc.) systems. You can think of the shell as the most direct way to get into your operating system, and you can think of shell scripts (‘programs’ in essence) as macros that can automate computerized tasks.
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Are Japanese Scientists Making Frankenmonkeys?

From the BBC:

Genetically modified primates that glow green and pass the trait on to their offspring could aid the fight against human disease.

They will also be easier to find when they escape.

Though primates that make a glowing protein have been created before, these are the first to keep the change in their bloodlines.

Future modifications could lead to treatments for a range of diseases.

The “transgenic” marmosets, created by a Japanese team, have been described in the journal Nature.

This means the every generation, scientists can change the monkey more and more until they get …. potentially extreme results.

Do the Japanese scientists not watch their own movies????

Wow, what a trip. That is honestly the first time I’ve seen that since it first came out. I’m going to have to rent the DVD….

Danny Hauser’s Web Site Is Back Up (I think)

Danny Hauser, 13 year old shaman with cancer, recently returned from foray from the courts with his mother, now in treatment, had a web site dedicated to raising money for his ‘treatment’ (seemingly for the CAM part of his treatment … he is otherwise covered by insurance). That site was taken down early today or late yesterday, with the comment from the Hauser’s lawyer that it would stay down until certain “ramifications” were explored.

So, I was poking around this afternoon looking for ramifications and stuff, and instead found that the site is back up.

Since the last site disappeared without a trace, I made a copy of this one as soon as I found it.

Among other things, the site says:

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Diversified Linux Resources

Following on this earlier post, here are links to on line resources that would aid in building, configuring, and using a Linux based computer.


Systems and related information:

Shell Scripting:

Advanced concepts:

New Chinese Winged Kitty Cat

Winged kitty cats are not unheard of in China, but a new alate feline is always news.

The winged cats can not fly, of course, or you would have heard about them before. They would be like these flying killer sharks.

Scientists have narrowed down the explanation for the growth of these wings as environmental, or genetic, or developmental.

…scientists believe the appendages developed due to grooming habits, a genetic defect or a hereditary skin condition.

…. keep us posted on that, scientists.

Source is MSNBC, hat tip to Rebecca Skloot.

Asus PC Eee PC paid off by Microsoft to Screw Linux …

… or so it would seem…. UPDATE: Or, this could be a fake. See comments.

The Asus PC Eee PC was designed specifically to run LInux. The idea is in part to make a very inexpensive globally (more or less) accessable open source system so all the poor children around the world who happen to have a hundred bucks could have a PC just like you do.

Now, Microsoft and Asus have teamed up to produce an ad campaing providing what amounts to a series of lies about the hardware/software combo, claiming that “Windows is Better” on this PC (better than Linux, that is).

Is it Ethical? No doubt. What passes for ethics in our society is often absurd. Is it Really Ethical, like if there were a god would you go to hell for this? No, of course it is not Really Ethical. You would definitely go to hell.

You can go here to read about it, and there you will find the dumb-ass movie they made, and links to the original butt-ugly site they produced.