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Is it true that “Sustainability will not come without reductions in consumption”?

Or, putting it another way,

“Why does our energy system face security and environmental challenges?”

Please visit ScienceBlog’s new blog, The Energy Grid, which is one of those shorter term issue-driven blogs we do at Sb nwo and then.

This particular iteration is moderated by Jonas Meckling, from the Belfer Center, and hosted by James Hrynyshyn, who I got to know a bit at the conference last winter, and Coby Beck, both of Scienceblogs Dot Com, and a few other rather impressive looking people.

So, please go and help them save the world. Seriously. Let’s get a great discussion going here.

Ultimate Causes, Proximate Mechanisms

Why does a soldier throw himself on a hand grenade to save the lives of a half-dozen unrelated fellow soldiers? Why does someone run into a burning building they happen to be passing to save a child they don’t know? From a Darwinian perspective these seem to be enigmatic behaviors that would “select against” such individuals (or more properly, select against the heritable component of this behavior).

There are several possible explanations for this….
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Today is Blogging is Hard Day

Readers, as I look back at the last TWO years (as I did with one year, yesterday) I find that May 2007 was ALSO a slow month for my blogging, even though job related effects could not have been at play (my job has changed since then, IIRC).

So whereas yesterday was Stephanie Zvan Day, I declare this day, May 14th, to be “Blogging is Hard Day.”

On Blogging is Hard Day bloggers are allowed to reach back into their past and repost really old things that they suddenly realized are exactly in lie with the writing or research in which they are currently engaged. The blogger must reach back a minimum of 18 months, so only Very Experienced Bloggers can participate at the posting end of this holiday…

… but all the readers are welcome to get involved.

So, a little later today, I intend to post something that is almost exactly two years old, but happens to reflect exactly that which I am staring at on my other computer screen in outline form (using emacs outlining, BTW)….