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Congratulations Discover Magazine Dot Com

Discover Magazine Dot Com, which has been expanding its blogospheric presence recently, has just reached the one million plus monthly page view mark, having shown a steady expansion since last year. Since Science Blogs has also been growing (though I’m guessing much more slowly since we are not brand new … I don’t really know) this is great news. It means the science blogosphere is growing, and hopefully because more people are paying attention to science stuff. Of coruse, without a more sophisticated analysis, it is hard to say.

Of course, I question the wisdom of Phil Plait and Discover publisher Henry Donahue getting tattoos to commemorate this event. You can get diseases from tattooing, right?

Wind turbines could more than meet U.S. electricity needs

Simply harnessing the wind in relatively shallow waters — the most accessible and technically feasible sites for offshore turbines — could produce at least 20% of the power demand for most coastal states, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said, unveiling a report by the Minerals Management Service that details the potential for oil, gas and renewable development on the outer continental shelf.

The biggest wind potential lies off the nation’s Atlantic coast, which the Interior report estimates could produce 1,000 gigawatts of electricity — enough to meet a quarter of the national demand.

The report also notes large potential in the Pacific, including off the California coast, but said the area presented technical challenges.

There will be considerable opposition to this because the wind turbines will totally spoil the view, which is actually one of the main economic assets in tourist areas along the east coast.

Details here.

Pirates take ship, crew takes ship back

For the first time in 200 years, a ship of the sea sailing under a US flag has been taken by pirates. And, in an unusual move, the ship’s crew went ahead and took the ship back.

“It’s reported that one pirate is on board under crew control – the other three were trying to flee.”

Reports suggest the other three pirates jumped overboard.

Details here.

It is not sure yet how this will affect global warming.

UPDATE: The pirates are in a life boat and are holding the ship’s captain hostage. A US destroyer is about 10 hours away, but in six hours or so will be in helicopter range.

The good news: At least it was not Zombie Pirates.