Daily Archives: April 2, 2009

Blasts from the pasts

I am at present engaged in a conversation with a person who sailed very unexpectedly out of my distant past, and it is quite a bit of fun. Well, OK, it was not unexpected. I conjured her up. But these details are unimportant at this time. What I wanted to share with you is a parallel finding that fell out of this conversation. This blog site has essays written by a number of people who attended the Free School, in Albany New York. I did not attend the Free School, which was a grade school, but I did attend the Community School, which was the High School version of the Free School. Some of the Free School graduates went on to the Community School, and were thus my classmates.

The Free School, as you may recall, was a project of Bill Ayers, the Terrorist who backed Obama (see this for more details). So this is where I learned the trade of a terrorist. Which amounted mainly to a study of history and art, the two strong points of the Community School as I recall.

My blast from the past has been very pleasant, and eventually I’ll tell you a thinly disguised version of what is going on now, because you may find it very entertaining. But less entertaining, and perhaps even somewhat shocking or at least deeply moving is the blast from the past my fellow blogger friend DNLee has experienced. Her former professor, Jerry Wolff had disappeared some time ago, presumably to go off by himself and carry out a carefully planned suicide. And a kind of recycling of himself, which apparently fit his character and his particular commitment as an ecologist who practices what he teaches about.

But eventually, his remains were found. Not by those searching for them, and not conjured up, just bumped into by a hiker. Please read about it here: Professor Jerry O. Wolff remains found