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Rachel Maddow: Sarah Palin is a …


I love Rachel Maddow. You know, in a healthy, non-stalking kinda way. But I do.

Rachel Maddow: AIG -> AIU

… and related matters.

Obama Cool = Cheney Smackdown

… Cheney has been rather out of line. And now he’s out of breath.

The Replace Michele Bachmann Web Carnival is Back

Back before the election in November, Stephanie Zvan and I had dinner to discuss the idea of forming a community of like minded bloggers to exchange resources and information. Mike Haurbrich was part of that conversation as well, but not at dinner that particular evening, which was at The Blue Nile. During that conversation, and in subsequent email conversations and over a pizza here and a Martguerita there, two projects developed, neither one of which was the blogger community resource that we had envisioned.

One of those projects was our joint blog, Quiche Moraine, which has been goin for a few weeks now and is starting to develop a regular readership (if you have not visited Quiche Moraine the please go have a look!!!).

The other project, which started up and went public almost instantly but then went into hiatus at election time, was the Replace Michele Bachmann Web Carnival

Of the three of us, none lives in Michele Bachmann’s congressional district, but we all live near it and we see her as a pox on our our otherwise very lovely state. We are the state of Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Arnie Carlson, Jesse Ventura, Harold Stassen, Gus Hall, Paul Wellstone, Amy Klobuchar, Keith Ellison, and Al Franken, to name a few. That is quite a diverse group, including Republicans, Democrats, Indies, Communists, Machine Politicians, Populists, Hard Core Liberals, and everything in between. You may hate or love any of these individuals (or something in between). But no mater what, everyone must admit that Michele Bachmann is does not hold a candle to, is not in the same league as, does not measure up to … fails, indeed, with every possible metaphor to come near …. any person in this panoply of pols.

We, and others in this state including the Dump Bachmann Web Site, were on top of this problem way before Michele Bachmann became uberfamous by insisting that a McCarthy like probe be carried out against all congressional democrats. Just thought I’d mention that.

Now, Bachmann has called for a violent insurrection against the “Obama Government.”

Clearly the time has come for her to be censured by her colleagues in congress, and possibly an election recall if such a thing is possible.

Or, at the very least, we intend to blog her sorry ass. Starting with the Replace Michele Bachmann Web Carnival.

The first carnival will be this Friday. By that time we’ll have decided if this is to be weekly, monthly, or what. In the mean time, SUBMIT YOUR BACHMANN BLOG POSTS HERE. or email them to this address.

Minnesota Senate Recount: Refining the prediction on how it ends

In conversation with reporters earlier today Coleman noted that he does not anticipate this case going to the US Supreme Court, though he did apparently say this in his usual smarmy way so he can change his mind later. He did indicate that he DOES anticipate bringing the case to the Minnesota Supreme Court if the judicial panel now considering the case rules against his claim.


Michele Bachmann: Time for a censure. Seriously

I live next to this crazy person’s congressional district and I do not want the yahoos who live there pouring over the border of My Fair City with their guns and rabid dogs, mullets and swastika-bearing pickups. Michele Bachmann barely makes it to Winged Monkey level, and this is well demonstrated here:

More details here.

More details and important request below the fold:
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